Party planning during Covid – 5 Key questions.

April 22, 2021

After a good YOMO (year of missing out) the prospect of freely socialising again is thrilling for one and all. You will understandably have concerns about even thinking about party planning during Covid.. Let us put your mind at rest.

1. What are the Covid-19 party rules right now, and crucially, what happens if they change?


Currently 21 June remains the magic date when there are no longer any legal limits on group gatherings.  We are full of positivity, whilst remaining flexible for our clients’ reassurance.


With Liz&Zie private events, you can push back the event within 18 months of your original date, and we will rearrange it completely free of charge.

Whilst our fees remain the same, total event costs could be subject to price changes beyond our control. Throughout the pandemic our recommended suppliers have bowled us over with their understanding and forbearance.


We always have our clients’ best interests at heart and will make every attempt to mitigate the cost of cancellation. A fee would be calculated to represent a reasonable assessment of time and expenses incurred to date. See our Standard Terms and Conditions

2. How can one throw a fabulous event and equally ensure that all the Covid-19 protocol is adhered to?

Our job is to ensure yours is not only an unforgettable event with warmth, taste and personality but also void of any worries. During the party planning process, we will design bespoke mood-boards, to illustrate there are no shortage of fabulous and imaginative ideas, for us to develop together.

Expect seamless delivery as we take care of all the logistics. This includes the responsibility and liability for implementation of the latest Covid-19 rules. Every luxury event has a robust Risk Assessment Plan to ensure the health and safety of your guests and all crew and suppliers.

3. Given the level of pent-up demand, how far in advance does one need to plan? 

Party planning during Covid can be tricky. Flexibility is key here. First choice venues and suppliers on key dates, notably weekends 2021/2022, may not always be possible. We can usually come up with creative ways around such challenges.  

One high-end client, for example, divvied up her large London venue wedding into three small memorable events at home, spread over consecutive days. By repurposing the marquee each day with a beautiful and unique design aesthetic, each guest felt utterly indulged whichever day they attended. No compromise on luxury, just an imaginative approach. 

A good industry address book also helps. Suffice to say, best book early to avoid disappointment.

4. How has the Covid situation changed the way food and drink is prepared, presented and served?

Currently think restaurant service, seated, and served, rather than anything involving sharing platters, buffets, grazing tables, and pudding stations. Sadly, mingling at the bar is also out.

However, like the ban on live music and dancing, we are confident that these rules will relax soon, and we can adapt accordingly.

Back of house, all caterers have food safety standards to maintain at all times, alongside Covid-19 health & safety protocol to which they must adhere. We check this. 

5. Is it worth even considering right now planning to throw a party abroad?

Planning, certainly. Could there be a more exciting invitation to receive after all of this?

However, as we all know, the protocol surrounding party planning during Covid is very fluid and varies from country to country.

A good way to start is to put yourself in the position of the guest – Will they all feel confident to travel? If you are not covering their travel expenses, will they be happy to commit? When will they have to RSVP by?  Will they be willing to self-isolate on return if necessary?

When you are ready, Liz&Zie will be delighted to help organise and design your luxury celebration start to finish, in an iconic location full of charm and authenticity or at home. 

Covid-19 queries do not make for the most inspiring copy, so if you have any additional or specific questions, please see current government guidelines or do please contact us.

We are delighted to talk events at any opportunity.


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